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Cattery Bige - various colours

Cattery Brimere - blue tortie & cream

Cattery Catmosphere - British parti colours

Cattery Daisy's Home - blue & bi-colour

Cattery Du Hovali - various colours

Cattery Krijalo - various colors in longhair

Cattery van de Nijehoeve - blue, blue tortie & cream

Cattery Seni Seviyorum - cream, torties & parti colours

Cattery van Sonswyck - blue, blue tortie & lilac

Cattery Blue Eldar - blue and lilac




BKH & BLH vom Westpark - short & longhair, various colours, tabby's

Cattery Sweet Revolutions - blue & bi-colour

BKH vom Hansson Palace - BKH tabby's & American Shorthair

Cattery Poolcats BLH/BKH (hier woont Kosheen) - various colours short & longhair British

Cattery Mon Grand Amour - various colours, cinnamon & fawn

BKH von den Lippwiesen - various colours

BLH vom Halterner See - various colours in longhair




Bokbackens Britter - blue, chocolate, torties & bi-colour




Smitten kitten - ties, cream, red, chocolate and blue

Her Majesty - silver tabby




Royal Angel - blue, lilac, torties, shaded & point

Last hope - blue, cream, blue cream

de Pura Sangre - cream


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